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This is our story

From the snow-capped peaks of Kebnekaise, Sweden’s tallest mountain, the freezing water rushes down through verdant forests and lush meadows bordering the Kalix River Basin before flowing into the Baltic Sea. In short, the perfect place to reimagine what a gin could be.

Our Mission

We are the northernmost distillery in Sweden. Our mission is to distill world-class gin that get its character from the botanicals we find in the landscapes along the Kalix river, on it's journey from the springs in the Kebnekaise mountains to the Baltic sea mouth.

True to our slogan “A fusion of extremes”, we also believe in looking over the horizon. In every recipe we develop, there is always a key botanical from a different part of the world. This is what makes our day extra exiting. Finding that unique combination of near and far.

New and old

The gin we create at Norrbottens Destilleri is the fusion of age-old craftmanship in a modern vintage. It combines 17th century botanical recipes, natural Swedish ingredients and years of our own tasting experience and preferences with the latest high-tech production methods.

By mixing the old with the new, we are able to create something unique – push boundaries, explore new tastes and access many of the subtle flavors nature has to offer. Admittedly, it’s an unusual mash-up, but it’s also what gives our gin an unusually smooth and complex taste.

Great ideas grow well below zero

Uniquely, our distillery is located in the County of Norrbotten, Sweden’s northernmost county situated within the Arctic Circle. It’s an extreme place where contrasts run wild: Dark subzero winter nights give way to the Midnight Sun in summertime. The Sami people herd reindeer, following ancient traditions, alongside high-tech steelmaking, engineering and space industries.

From the snow-capped peaks of Kebnekaise, Sweden’s tallest mountain, the freezing water rushes down through verdant forests and lush meadows bordering the Kalix River Basin before flowing into the Baltic Sea. In short, the perfect place to reimagine what a gin could be. A gin that would respect nature, use industrious Nordic thinking to reduce waste, source local ingredients and harness modern technology to move into the future.

Blending classic botanicals with new ones

Paying respect to the past, our gin uses many of the botanicals first blended by the Dutch and English in 17th century recipes.

With a predominant flavor from juniper berries, we add a carefully selected array of classic ingredients to provide a solid foundation. These are then accented and enhanced by local flavors from Norrbotten County, where long Swedish summer days allow the local flora to flourish and provide a bounty of ingredient possibilities. Here, exotic wild berries ripen to perfection on shrubs and bushes in the Midnight Sun.

The result is a gin with a distinct style that can be savored straight up or in mixed drinks.

Using technology to achieve new flavors

For us, technology is a means to an end. We use advanced distillation technology and other modern techniques to enhance our production and help us achieve the flavor profiles we’ve spent years studying.

It all starts with an idea, a memory, a taste, a recipe – with technology employed as an exciting new enabler. New high-tech methods give us a more flexible production. They allow us to mix botanicals in new ways or improve upon classic recipes. They let us extract the best of Norrbotten’s treasures in an efficient but respectful manner.

Just that moment

Like in life, we believe it is the collision of contrasting elements that can recreate a special mood or memory from a cherished time or place. Magical experiences where everything comes together to create a unique feeling. We are on a never-ending quest to bring you a gin for just that moment.

We welcome you to give Norrbottens Destilleri Gin a sip and see for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to join one of our tasting sessions or e-mail us if you have any questions.

A dream is coming true

Dennis Bejedal - Founder of Norrbottens Destilleri

The story of Norrbottens Destilleri began in a townhouse in the Stockholm suburb Älvsjö. It all started one warm spring evening, when five-year-old Dennis pulled out a chair to keep his mother Lena company while she was cooking dinner for the family. That was the starting point of a passion for food and drink that has stayed with Dennis ever since.

However, not everything revolved around food and drink. After school, Dennis began a very successful career as a professional poker player. His career gave him the opportunity to travel the world, combining business and pleasure. During his travels Dennis had the opportunity to enjoy some of the world's best restaurants which has contributed to a wide range of taste sensations in both food and drink.

But everything comes to an end, including a successful career as a poker player.

In his quest for possibilities to realize ideas that have grown over the years, a trip back to the lands of his ancestors in Norrbotten provided inspiration and was the last piece of the puzzle needed to launch Norrbottens Destilleri. Leaving life in the city and discovering Norrbotten has now provided the opportunity to make a dream come true.

Today, Dennis lives with his spouse and daughter in Kalix and is working to make a reality of his dream of creating something unique and outstanding in the drinks industry – a dream is coming true.