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N|D Älgörtsglögg


500ml, 15%

This is our tribute to the handpicked meadowsweet bloom that grows under the midnight sun during long summer days on Norrbottens blooming meadows. Perfect as is, either hot or cold, or in cocktails.

A fusion between glögg and gin, why not create something unique by distilling a gin that makes a perfect match with glögg produced from handpicked meadowsweet.

This is the result of a collaboration with Eva Gunnare of Essense of Lapland, food creator and cultural guide extraordinaire. She knows the flora of Norrbotten better than most and we are very happy that we went to meet her three years ago to get the inspiration for our own product.


Our ND Älgörtsglögg is best served as it is. The soft meadowsweet-flowers together with juniper and classic spices gives you a refined and delicious taste suited for winter.

Meadowsweet Martini

We like our glogg in a cocktail where it can shine, which makes it perfect in a cocky martini.


  • 40ml ND Älgörtsglögg
  • 40ml ND Forest Dry Gin
  • Lemonzest

Stir ice-cold with our Forest Dry Gin, strain into a chilled glass, squeeze some oil from the zest, drop it into the glass and you are all set.

Cloudy Apple

This combination with apples is really tasty. Not only do you get a delightful taste of fresh apples, meadowsweet and our crispy Mountain - the creamy foam on top is like icing on the cake.


  • 25ml Älgörtsglögg 
  • 25ml ND Mountain Dry Gin
  • 40ml Freshly squeezed apple juice
  • Eggwhite

Dryshake, shake with ice and doublestrain into a glass of your choice.

Meadowsweet & Cardamom Sour

This is a comfort-kinda cocktail. Cardamom and apple give you that cozy feeling, which makes this one a perfect choice for cold winter evenings.


  • 25ml ND Älgörtsglögg
  • 25ml ND Forest Dry Gin
  • 25ml Fresh lime juice 
  • 25ml Simple syrup
  • Eggwhite
  • Cardamom seeds
  • Dried Apple

Dryshake, shake with ice and double strain into a rocks-glass.

Garnish with some dried apple and smashed cardamom-seeds for an extra luxury feeling.

With a twist

Simple makes perfect. In this case really tasty perfection. Pour our glögg into a glass, garnish with orange or lemon zest and some star anise.

Fresh and tasty with a punch of licorice.