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N|D Forest Dry Gin

500ml, 40%

N|D Forest Dry Gin is inspired by the scents and atmosphere of the deep taiga forests in Northern of Sweden.

N|D Forest Dry Gin is a unique blend of twelve botanicals. Beside classic gin botanicals we use shots of pine and spruce, picked during late spring when it's still small and packed with subtle flavours. To create the fusion of extremes we combine this with cloves from the forgotten Comoro archipelago.

In the distillation process, classic gin botanicals are first carefully macerated for a specific time. While some of the botanicals after maceration gets in to the still, some is added fresh to our ginbasket, only allowing steam to pass them through to make sure we only get the subtle notes that we're looking for.

The result is a smooth gin with a certain bite to it and lots of taste notes to discover. It will shine when enjoyed neat but also makes for a perfect ingredient in a Negroni and other cocktails.

Cloudberry Sour 

This is an ode to our magical taiga forest in the northern of Sweden. Not only does the nature provide us with all kinds of floral joy, we also have golden berries. Enjoy! 


  • 50ml N|D Forest Dry Gin 
  • 40ml cloudberry syrup 
  • 20ml freshly squeezed lemonjuice
  • 1 eggwhite 


  1. First of all: dryshake all the ingredients. Give it all you got. And oh... dryshake means shake with no ice.

  2. After you done that you can add ice, shake again and double strain this goodie into a glass.

  3. Garnish? A cloudberry of course. 

Spruce Gimlet 

We love this cute combo! Spruce, lime and N|D Forest Dry Gin together is like a really refreshing walk into the woods. 

Who's with us? Let's go!


  • 40ml N|D Forest Dry Gin 
  • 30ml fresh limejuice 
  • 2cl spruce syrup 


  1. Shake with bunches of ice.

  2. Strain and serve in a fancy glass.

  3. This is it.

  4. Enjoy! 

N|D Forest Negroni

As mentioned above Forest makes for a great Negroni. This Negroni will be packed with flavors but yet still very balanced and round in taste when stired to perfection, it takes a while to master - but it's well worth learning.


  • 20-30ml N|D Forest Dry Gin 
  • 20ml Vermouth
  • 20ml Carpano Bitter


  1. Negroni is easy to mix but to get this red, tasty beverage perfect you need to stir it cold with ice in a mixing glass.

  2. Use a barspoon to get that perfect swirl in this process.

  3. Strain into a fine glass with a chunk of new ice in it.

  4. We use clove and dried orange as garnish to complete this explosion of flavours.

N|D Forest Gin & Tonic

For us this is a nice serve for a Gin & Tonic with Forest Dry Gin. Garnish with freshly shaved lemongrass and cloves.


  • 50 ml N|D Forest Dry Gin
  • 100 ml Hammars Tonic - Lemongrass/Mint
  • Freshly shaved lemongrass
  • Cloves
  1. Well. Let´s build this from down and up. We found out that we like it just like this!

  2. Fill a glass with a whole lot of ice.

  3. Open the gin and pour it in there.

  4. Pop the tonic with something sharp and fill the glass.

  5. Garnish with freshly shaved lemongrass and add 2-3 cloves in there.

N|D Forest Dry Gin - Neat

You know the saying ‘less is more’?
This is excactly that. We really want to put the neat product in the spotlight, nothing else.


Because N|D Forest Dry Gin is a self-confident gin who doesn´t need help from others. Forest will fight the bear by himself if he must.